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Photos by Kevin Clifford


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Devised and Performed by Niki McCretton
Directed by Amit Lahav and Helen Baggett (Gecko)
Music by Paul Riordan
Digital artist Ben Trill
Set Design Rebecca Glover
Set Construction James Lewis
Lighting Design James Lewis
Puppet Design Marc Parrett
Technical Management James Lewis
Technician Louise Birchall
Visual Artist Teresa Grimaldi

Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts
The Brindley Arts Centre


Arts Council England
Cultural Hub Bournemouth and Poole
Merlin Theatre

Show Length 50 Minutes
Suitable for children 3+ and their families

Horseplay is a creative participatory experience. Set within a horse's stable, Horseplay is a magical, multi-sensory world containing live performer, Niki McCretton, beautiful props, miniature landscapes, lighting, sound and images to support children's imaginative ideas.

Initiated by Niki's pony-tale, the children take over as their play becomes the performance. Parents and teachers watch the unfolding story through nooks and crannies in the stable wall. Horseplay is guaranteed to thrill children and will please parents too!

Horseplay has been developed to meet the new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidelines and directly meets specified areas of learning and development through physical exploration and investigation, imagination and imaginative play.

Children and parents can stay, ask questions and play together afterwards.

The children experienced a very special time today. They were able to use their imaginations and really feel as though they were in a real stable. Iím sure they will remember today for many years to come. It was beautiful to watch.

A magical experience for the children whose eyes lit up when they came in. The puppet horse was great, a gentleness as if it were real. The harmonica music was a nice touch.

An excellent setting for imaginative play and creative learning.

Having the windows enable us (the parents) to be able to peep through and see the playing. Interesting how the children were busy doing different things, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone. They seemed to love the freedom to explore. A great experience.

Niki McCretton presenting award-winning visual and physical theatre for all ages