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Information for Venues

Information for Venues

Available Available for touring October 2008, Spring and Summer 2009
Running Time 50 minutes
Age Range children aged 3-5
Performers One

Tour Co-ordinator Claire Morton, Morton Bates Arts Services
Tel 02077141616
Email clmorton@googlemail.com

Available to tour Autumn 2009

Technical Requirements Horseplay is an interactive theatrical performance created in the moment through children's creative play. It takes place inside a multi-sensory environment resembling a horse's stable. Each performance lasts for 40 minutes and is for up to 15 children.

Set Details
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The set takes about 2 hours to fit up once it has been unloaded into the space. This includes the technical the lighting, sound and props ready for performance. If possible we would request a member of venue crew for unloading and loading of the van. Please advise us if access to the stage involves any staircases or long distances so that we may allow some extra time during the get-in and get-out. The set is either constructed from Class 1 materials or has been flame proofed in accordance with current Health and Safety Regulations. The largest piece of set is 2150 x 1220 x 100mm.

Stage requirements
We require a clean empty space preferably at least 8000mm by 5000mm with an additional area in the same room for parents of the 15 children to sit and watch the performance via a live video feed. The parent's area will need a wall or screen for a projected image. The set has a smaller configuration so the exact staging can be discussed with the venue. We will not require any masking.

Crew requirements
We require your normal level of technical staff, from the get-in, throughout the engagement.
During performances, we have one technician who will operate lighting and sound. The resident staff are required only as technical / stage cover.

Lighting, sound, video
We will require a warm general cover around the stable and for the area where the parents will sit in venues where this is possible. Please advise us if the only source of lighting is non dimmable and very bright. We will supply all lighting, sound and video equipment required to run the show. The set contains theatrical and practical lighting. We will require a screen or surface to project on to for the parent's area. We will require a 13 amp, single phase supply.
All electrical equipment on tour carries current PAT certification.

The majority of music in Horseplay has been specifically composed for Horseplay by Paul Riordan.
PRS information available on request.

Dressing room requirements
A dressing room in close proximity to the stage, to accommodate 1 actor with an iron and ironing board. Tea and coffee making facilities if possible (we'll make you one too!). The dressing rooms are not used during the show t.b.a.

From 10.00am unless otherwise agreed.

There is no interval during the performance.
Running time is approximately 50 minutes per performance; there will be 4 performances per day.

Get out
The get-out takes approximately 90 minutes but is heavily dependent on access. Please inform us of any access problems into or out of the venue / performance space. We will require parking for 1 van and 1 car throughout the day.

Child protection
The performer and technician have been CRB checked.


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