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Photo by Kevin Clifford

MUTTNIK: The First Dog in Space

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Devised by Niki McCretton
Performed by Tessa Bide
Music by Catherine Skinner
The Brindley Arts Centre
Take Art!

Show Length 50 Minutes
Suitable for Children and Childish Adults (3+)

An Imaginative Tale Told with Dance, Music and Puppetry

Muttnik is a stray. She lives on the streets of Moscow, cold and hungry until one day she is captured. To her surprise she finds herself in a new home with food,, water and adventures better than dreams. She is living at the Russian Space Centre and is to become the first dog in space!

She learns to fly a rocket, to dance in zero gravity and...

"To Bodly Go Where No Dog Has Gone Before!"

An imaginative slant on what happened to Laika, the dog sent into space aboard the Soviet rocket Sputnik 2 in 1957.

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Watch Muttnik on youtube.com

A unique and fabulous show for young people. McCretton is a performer who entrances, but never patronises. This show is a must-have for all venues.
Paula Hammond, Director,
The Merlin Theatre, Frome

An absolute delight from start to finish. Niki's sense of humour and winning personality shine through. A rare treat for all the family.
Sarah Peterkin, Director,
Take Art! Live, Somerset

All of the children watching wanted to be in the show.

I would have booked her on the spot ... absolutely riveting.

Niki had the audience eating out of her hands. I loved this show.

The highlight for me was Muttnik, one I would definitely book.

Feedback made at Somerset
Conference, September 2005

Niki McCretton presenting award-winning visual and physical theatre for all ages