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MUTTNIK: The First Dog in Space

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Information for Venues

Information for Venues

Running Time 50 minutes no interval
Age Range 3+
Target Audience Families
Space Minimum space 5m x 5m plus 3m height
Performers One

For bookings enquiries:
Claire Morton
Morton Bates Arts Services
0207 7141616
claire@mortonbates.com www.mortonbates.com

Muttnik is a stray. She lives on the streets of Moscow, cold and hungry until one day she is captured.To her surprise, she finds herself a shiny new home with food, water and adventures better than dreams. She is living at the Russian Space Centre and has been selected to be the first dog in space! She learns to fly a rocket, to parachute jump, to dance in zero gravity and to go "where no dog has gone before". Will she skate on the rings of Saturn, what will be her first message home and whatwill it be like to dig holes on the moon.

Following her acclaimed production for children "Throw me a Bone", which toured to sell out audiences in London and the United States, Niki McCretton brings us this imaginative slant on what happened to Laika, the dog that the Russians sent into space aboard the rocket Sputnik 2 in 1957. This enchanting tale is told with dance, music and puppetry and is suitable for children over three years old.

Technical Requirements

  • minimum space 5m x 5m height 3m. We have some flexibility if your space is smaller but would need to discuss this with you.
  • flat, clean space preferably with a wooden floor covered in a black dance floor (grey will suffice).
  • Under no circumstances can the floor be slippery (i.e. heavily varnished, parquet, polished etc) the show cannot be performed on a slippery floor.
  • space needs to be well ventilated and with adequate heating.
  • black backs. We will need to tie an umbrella on elastic onto something high (grid would be fine) approx mid stage left which then needs to be masked.
  • space to be pre-rigged and focused (bar the specials)
  • we require the space & one technician 2 hours before the house opens. If you cannot pre-rig/focus please inform the company as soon as possible to arrange earlier access to the venue. We strike the show in 30mins.
We travel with 2 large structures, which are wedge-shaped: 2080mm high, 1220mm deep & 2400mm on the diagonal. They do break down, but we will need extra time during the get-in to put them together again. Please inform us if you do not have access to accommodate these so that we can break them down prior to arrival. The remainder of the set consists of a chair & a dustbin in which all the props are carried.

We use a smoke machine, which needs to be operated from the control position. We require a 3 pin XLR lead from down stage left to that position (a mic tie line will be fine). A 13amp supply is also needed.

We require a good quality sound system. There must be speakers or monitors on the stage for the dancer. We need a mini disc player with auto pause & a C.D player preferably with auto pause.

We require parking for a transit size van & possibly a car.
All our equipment is PAT tested and a risk assessment is available on request.

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Niki McCretton presenting award-winning visual and physical theatre for all ages