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Photos by Kevin Clifford


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Horseplay's Past Performances

28 Jun Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells
15 - 16 May Assembly Rooms, Barnsley
16 Apr Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham
14 Apr Croydon Clocktower, Croydon
06 Apr Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford
01 Apr Pleasance Theatre, Islington
04 Mar The Brindley, Runcorn
18 Feb Merlin Theatre, Frome
16 Feb Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
07 Feb Newbury Corn Exchange, Newbury
24 Jan The Castle, Wellingborough
10 Jan Croydon Clocktower, London

16 Nov Stratford Circus, London
25 Oct Farnham Maltings,Farnham
18 Oct The Met, Bury
02 - 03 Oct the egg , Bath
29 Sept - 01 Oct Bath schools and nurseries, Bath
04 July Activate - Homegrown
03 July 5x5x5

The children experienced a very special time today. They were able to use their imaginations and really feel as though they were in a real stable. Iím sure they will remember today for many years to come. It was beautiful to watch.

A magical experience for the children whose eyes lit up when they came in. The puppet horse was great, a gentleness as if it were real. The harmonica music was a nice touch.

An excellent setting for imaginative play and creative learning.

Having the windows enable us (the parents) to be able to peep through and see the playing. Interesting how the children were busy doing different things, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone. They seemed to love the freedom to explore. A great experience.

Niki McCretton presenting award-winning visual and physical theatre for all ages