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Space 50
Phoenix Scratch
Throw me a bone


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Information for Venues

Information for Venues

Available Autumn 2007, spring and summer 2008
Running Time 70 minutes no interval
Age Range Adult - age 10
Target Audience

  • Physical theatre attenders
  • Families
  • Those interested in space
  • Over 50s
    Space Minimum space 5m x 5m plus 3m height
    Performers Two

    Tour Co-ordinator Jane Webster
    Tel 07904 955384
    Email janewebster@tiscali.co.uk

    Technical Requirements

    • Minimum space 5m x 5m with a height of 3m. We have some flexibility if your space is smaller but would need to discuss this with you
    • Flat, clean space preferably with a wooden floor covered in a black dance floor (grey will suffice)
    • Under no circumstances can the floor be slippery (i.e. heavily varnished, parquet, polished etc)
    • Space needs to be well ventilated and with adequate heating
    • Black backs
    • Space to be pre-rigged and focused (bar the specials)
    • Space & one technician from 10am to unload, focus, plot, and be on hand during the show & for the get out (1.5 hours from show ending)
    • If you cannot pre-rig/focus please inform the company as soon as possible to arrange earlier access to the venue
    • A good quality sound system with speakers or monitors on the stage
    • Mini disc player with auto pause & a CD player preferably with auto pause
    • Parking for a transit size van & possibly a car
    The set consists of 30 fire-proofed cardboard boxes, packaging material (fire proofed), chair, TV, 2 projectors (one in the grid), 3 DVD players, a switch box, a bullet camera & sand.

    We will need to hang a projector roughly 6 9 metres from the back of our set (upstage centre). We carry the projector & hanging cradle. The projector has a DMX shutter which needs to break into your DMX chain. We carry 3 x90 metre runs of BNC cable. We need 1 run from the rigged projector to the control room & 2 runs from SR to the control room. We need to be able to switch off the TV (DSL) from the control room and to operate sound, lighting & AV all at the same time. Can you please ensure your LX & sound can go next to each other & that there will room for our AV equipment.

    All our equipment is PAT tested and a risk assessment is available on request.


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    Niki McCretton presenting award-winning visual and physical theatre for all ages